LEGATO – bending machine

  • for buckle-free curving of trapezoidal and corrugated profiles up to a profile height of 115 mm
  • constructed for single lot production
  • compact design allows its easy application directly on building sites

This machine is an optimal solution for those users, who already have a ready profile and additionally want to curve it.
You can use these profiles for self-supporting arches up to a free span of 25 m depending on profile height, sheet thickness
and single/double layers.


Curving machine for trapezoidal and corrugated profiles
Type of Profile:
trapezoidal and corrugated profiles up to 155 mm high
Length of Profile:
1.500–no limit
0.6–1.2 mm steel
Min. Radius:
2.000 mm (depending on profile and material)
Usage of material:
initial material: ready profile
0–30 m/min infinitely adjustable
Control system:
PLC with operating panel

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