Rollforming machine for HIGH PROFILES TR 160

  • Accuracy and precision for high profiles up to 160 mm
  • enables weight savings on secondary steel construction due to higher load bearing capacity
  • fully automated fast production, computer controlled

Rollforming machine for the automatic production of trapezoidal and similar profiles up to 160 mm height. According to the requirements it can process coil widths up to 1.500 mm. This equipment is optionally available either as a pre-cut – type (the sheet will be cut to the required length before being profiled) or as an after-cut type (the ready profile will be cut by the Flying-Shearing machine to the required length after the profiling process).

It can be also chosen between the single-type (for one profile type only) and multi-(cassette) type line (for production of different profile types replacing cassettes with different roll-forming units).


roll-forming line
Profile type:
trapezoidal (and similar) profiles with up to 160 mm height
Profile length:
up to 24.000 mm
Sheet thickness:
0.5–1.5 mm steel
Primary material:
steel coil, up to 1.500 mm wide, max. 15 t
Max. speed:
0–60 m/min, infinitely adjustable
Control system:
PLC with operating panel

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