SIN BEAM TECHNOLOGY                                                 

Zeman was the world's first company to develop a fully automated production facility for welded plate girders with sinusoidal corrugated webs. The SIN System allows order volumes of additional several thousand tons of structural steel fabrication due to increased efficiency in production.

SIN BEAMS combine large spans and light weight of lattice girders with low beam height and high load-bearing capacity of ordinary girders. Dimensions, material thickness and material quality of the upper and lower flange as well as the web are precisely adapted to the respective requirements.


The SIN BEAM TECHNOLOGY consists of support and explanatory information in fields such as:

  • installation and trial run of the machine in ZEMANs facility before delivery
  • intensive training of operators and engineers on the SIN BEAM technology
  • provision of customized software for immediate applications of SIN beams in the customers country
  • consultancy service for SIN BEAM projects in the initial period of SIN beam production
  • maintenance and service contracts for continuous upgrade of the SIN beam machine

Corrugated web beams – so-called SIN BEAMS may be used as beams (roof or slab beams, structual beams) or as components subject to normal forces (columns or frame coluns) virtually without structual limitations. The optimum area of application is in steel structual engineering whereever rolled profiles of structual heigth greater than 450 mm or low lattice girders of structual height below approximately 1.800 mm were formely used.

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