ZEMAN Steel Beam Assembler

The SBA from ZEMAN fundamentally changes the structural-steel fabrication process. The parts for fitting are delivered, positioned on steel members and welded 100% automatically. Swiftly, accurately, cost-effectively and of course in top-quality.


With computer-controlled SBA many benefits are overwhelmingly convincing:

  • Fast: Time-savings of up to 85 %
  • Cost-effective: Reduced man hours, lower energy and hangar costs
  • Error-free: The production data are imported directly from any standard CAS system,
    transferred by ZEMAN's proprietary software solution "pro-FIT", and then executed by the SBA
  • Flexible: Huge production diversity, for all common applications,
    all the way down to lot-for-lot production of single-item lots.

Video Steel Beam Assembler:


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