Zeman Bauelemente is a Member of the Zeman Group

Hans Zeman founded his steel construction company in 1965. 
Today the Zeman group consists of 20 companies, which are located all over Europe, with a staff of more than 550 people.

  • an engineering company in Vienna / Austria and
  • a mechanical engineering company for structural steel fabrication form an integral part of Zeman Group companies
  • manufacturing plants in Austria and Poland for any kind of (loadbearing) steel structures an trapezoidal paneels
  • other companies in the fiels of sructural steel design an d fabrication

In the field of "Steel Construction" Zeman advices, designes, calculates, constructs, produces, delivers and erects anything from complex architectural steel structures to all-purpose industrial buildings.

Derivating from our innovative capabilities, Zeman`s mission statement reads as follows:

“Build on our experience; benefit from our know-how”
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