New SIN Beam Machine 4R
- extended SIN Beam Machine with 4 Robots

Corrugated web beam production line 4R:

Fully automatic production line for corrugated web beams with 4 welding Robots (2 per side).

Machine: Corrugated web beam production line SIN 1500 x 16000 – 6 – T– 4R

The equipment consists with under of:

Decoiler, straightener, longitudinal slitter, corrugator, flange intermediate-storage respectively flange feeder,

Assembly- and welding station, as well as run-out system with integrated transversal beam conveyors.

The welding process will be fully automated executed by 4 welding Robots (2 per side).

With the 4 Robot version of this line the output (production capacity) will be increased nearly to double of the standard 2 robot version.

To ascertain the precise welding line and to compensate any deviations during the welding process (deviations caused by thermal influences), the welding robots are executed with online real time camera systems.

That means the measurement respectively the scanning of the surface and detecting of the welding line (exact welding position) will be done in real time.

The online real time scanning method prevents any deflections/deviations of the correct welding position and guaranties an always constant quality of the welding seam.

Beside of the fully automated production of corrugated web beams, the equipment allows also the production of usual welded beams with flat webs!

SIN Beam Video:

Few key features of the 4 - Robot version:

Machine: Corrugated web beam production line SIN 1500 x 16000 - 6 - T - 4R

Number of robots: 4 (2 per side)

Profile widths: 333 to 1500 mm - infinitely variable at request

Profile lenght: 4000 - 16000 mm (tapered: 4000 - 12000 mm)

Web thickness: 1,5 - 6,o mm

Max. coil weight: 25 tons

Welding speed: up to 2m/min with 2 robots per side

Scanning method: online real time camera system

Control system: PLC with operating panel


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