Rollforming machine for CASSETTE PROFILES

  • with fully automatic computer-operated width- and hight- adjustments
  • all profile dimensions can be infinitely adjusted within max and min values

Essentially the line consists of a decoiler with a coil loading device, coil straightener, flying-shearing machine, feed-in unit, adjustable cassette roll-former, run-out- and acceleration – conveyor and (optionally) auto-stacker.


 Machine: Rollforming machine for cassette profiles
 Type: width adjustable (computer-operated)
 Profile width:
500–600 mm infinitely adjustable
 Profile height:
100–160 mm infinitely adjustable
 Profile lenght:
2.000–20.000 mm
 Sheet thickness:
0.63–1.5 mm steel
 Primary material:
steel coil up to 1.250 mm wide, max. 12 t
 Max. speed:
0–60 m/min infinitely adjustable
 Control system:
PLC with operating panel

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