Rollforming machine for MOUNTING BRACKETS

Complete rollforming machine for automatic production of mounting brackets, leveller- and clamp- profiles for siding element.

The mounting brackets will be fully automatically manufactured by the integrated punching and notching machine in single operation and computer-operated cut to the required length. All necessary notches as well as holes required for the ventilation of the base will be made (punched) automatically.

Assembling of the siding elements: initially the mounting brackets will be installed on any wall-base and aligned. Levelling profiles will be used to adjust the surface irregularities of the base. After that the siding elements will be fitted bracket by bracket by key-and-slot system at the mounting bars.


Rollforming machine for mounting brackets
Profile type:
mounting brackets for siding elements
Profile length:
up to 12.000 mm (no limit)
Sheet thickness:
1.0 mm
Primary material:
steel coil, up to 250 mm wide, max. 3 t
Max. speed:
0–30 m/min, infinitely adjustable
Control system:
PLC with operating panel

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