The competence in the constructional design and delivery of TURNKEY SYSTEMS by ZEMAN is underpinned by 45 years’ experience in the structural-steel and mechanical engineering sectors.


This almost unique combination leads to a comprehensive understanding of all demands and working procedures in the field of structural steel workshops. Machineries necessary for the increase of efficiency and competitiveness are invented and used by ZEMAN proprietary workshops in Austria, Poland and Turkey. ZEMAN comes with expert knowledge regarding all requirements for the production area (power input, consumer goods etc., office facilities, media connections and social rooms).


Proven technology and best practice is made available by means of a “one stop shop” principle. ZEMANs innovations are always one step ahead of the competition and allow for quantum leaps into a new era of structural-steel fabrication.

  • set up design concept in accordance with
    envisaged production capacity
  • revolutionary production concept by means of
    SIN beams and related software programs
  • define complete range of machineries
  • supply, installation and training on machines
  • service and maintenance contracts
  • training and guidance on daily work flow in facility




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