Save the date! Open days @Zeman

Zeman’s next Open Days on 4th & 5th November will include a massiv setup!

The displayed machines will be a SBA Compact including and a SPS (Scanning & Plate Sorting) including a SPP (Steel Plate Patroler) as well as an fully automated material handling equipment. This all adds to a perfect factory of the future!

The SPP (Steel Plate Patroler) ensures that the right parts with the right quality safely find their way to our handling robot!
Integrating a SPP requires no human intervention to sort, transport or perform quality checks on the plates.

Demonstration dates are:

4th November: 2pm CEST – 6pm CEST
5th November: 9am CEST – 1pm CEST

In case you’re interested but can’t attend on 4th or 5th November, please send us an email at and we will help you out with an alternativ date.