Welcome to Zeman Bauelemente – Mechanical Engineering

Automated Machines for Fabrication of Structural Steel, Wall and Roof Cladding

Initially starting from the field of “Steel Construction”, ZEMAN subsequently generated the department of Mechanical Engineering (for structural steel fabrication machines: welding machines, roll forming machines,...) to enable the production of constructive elements, which could not be found elsewhere on the market.

Rollforming Machines

Nowadays ZEMAN designs and constructs all imaginable kinds of special roll forming machines for production of trapezoidal and Standing Seam panels. In the course of these innovations, ZEMAN invented the so-called LEGATO-system, which consists of a patented buckle-free curving method for self supporting archs made of trapezoidal sheet .

Fitting and welding machines

SIN Beam Machine

A milestone in our mechanical engineering activities was the invention of a machine for fully automatic fabrication (fitting and welding) of Corrugated Web Beams (SIN beams) (equivalent to I-beams). This machine is computer controlled and networked with special software for structural steel engineering. The development of the so-called SIN beam machine resulted in extremely economical solutions for (load bearing) steel structures with larger spans and helped ZEMAN to continuously improve its own steel construction abilities. 

SBA - Steel Beam Assembler

For fully automated assembling, tack-welding and full welding. Deriving from our own capilities, ZEMAN`s mission statement reads as follows: “Build on our experience; benefit from our know-how"

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