SBA Conti

SBA Conti

The full package of automation

SBA Conti design is chosen by fabricators running a plant with continuous material flow, allowing for easy integration in existing beam handling and demand for high output in finish welded structural steel. SBA Conti design consists of 2 robots for assemble, tack weld and finish weld. Cross and longitudinal conveyors enable continuous beam loading without manual intervention (crane handling). This steel beam assembly robot welding machine can achieve up to 30.000tons/year to assemble, tack and finish weld cleats to beams. 

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Min. beam sizes: 160 mm x 3.000 mm

Max beam sizes: 1.100 x 12.000 mm

Single-layer Welding Seam Sizes: a3-a6

Multi-layer Welding Seam Sizes: a8-a15

Line dimensions (12 m version): 66,9 m long  x 9,56 m wide  x 6 m high

Line dimensions (16 m version): 80,9 m long x 9,56 m wide x 6 m high

Line dimensions (18 m version): 87,9 m lang x 9,56 m wide x 6 m high

Solutions for tacking and welding:

Our robotic assembling and welding lines "SBA Compact", "SBA SR Compact" and
"SBA Conti" will facilitate you to scale your business in steel. In addition to that three
examplary types we offer a wide range of variations. We can also develop special
solutions for your indivdual needs. Just let us know and get in touch with us


SBA SR Compact

The SBA SR Compact is our entry-level model. Small footprint. High Performance.

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SBA Compact

Up to 15.000 tons/year to tack and assemble cleats to beams

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SBA Conti

up to 30.000tons/year to assemble, tack and finish weld cleats to beams

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SBW Terminator
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