Here you find an overview of our machinery: Automated machines for assembling and welding. Rollforming Technology. Fully automatic production lines for corrugated web beams.

Steel Beam Assembler / SBA

Zeman's groundbreaking SBA technology is a real "game changer" in steel fabrication.

SPS // Scanning and Plate Sorting

The SPS has been created to facilitate the plate management of steel fabricators all over the world.
A smart scanning system is being used to identify each plate in its dimension, shape and quality.

Rollforming- and Special Machines

On the basis of LEGATO BENDING TECHNOLOGY, we gain a foothold in the international market place in the field of profiling machinery.

SIN Technology

SIN Beams – the perfect option to rstructural weight by maintaining same load educe
bearing capacities.


ZEMAN is the market leader in robotic assembling lines. The ZEMAN machines manage fully automatic assembly and welding. The company is globally represented now with approximately 70 machines on the market. ZEMAN has already installed 52 steel beam assemblers worldwide.

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