Steel Beam Assembler Technology(SBA)

Fully automated tacking and welding of steel beams

Robotic welding, assembly, and fabrication has long had the potential to revolutionize structural steel fabrication. It's now arrived and is making its mark having overcome past challenges and hurdles unique to steel fabrication. 

Zeman’s innovative SBA technology is a true “game changer” in steel fabrication. Today 47 SBA lines are installed. In 16 different countries worldwide. Our clients upgraded their production capacity by using multiple SBA systems. Customer satisfaction is ZEMAN’s priority.

Some years ago, there was no other option, than tacking and welding steel beams manually. But Zeman's SBA Technology changed this process. The Steel Beam Assembler (SBA) is seven times faster than by hand. Case Studies from our clients


No programming at all! Zemans own software imports all the CAD data directly to the system. With the SBA and the "ProFit" Sofware from Zeman, Steel Beam Assembling is an intuitive work.

Assembling and welding

Our robotic assembling and welding lines "SBA Compact", "SBA SR Compact" and
"SBA Conti" will boost your production capacity. In addition to that three examplary
types we offer a wide range of variations. We can also develop special
solutions for your indivdual needs. Just let us know and get in touch with us


SBA SR Compact

The SBA SR Compact is our entry-level model. Small footprint. High Performance.

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SBA Compact

Up to 15.000 tons/year to tack and assemble cleats to beams

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SBA Conti

up to 30.000tons/year to assemble, tack and finish weld cleats to beams

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Welding only




SBW Terminator
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