SBA Compact


SBA Compact design consists of 1 robot for assemble, tack weld an finish weld. This system is best utilized for „assembling only“ working mode. This steel beam assembly robot welding machine can achieve up to 15.000 tons/year to tack and assemble cleats to beams. If welding is required, the SBA Compact design achieves up to 8.000 tons/year of fully assembled and welded structural steel beams. Loading and unloading of beams is done by crane. The space requirement is limited to only 26 meters in length.

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Type of Welding and Welding Wire: MAG 135 G3Si1 1,2mm Solid Wire/alternatively Flux Core Wire

Single-layer Welding Seam Sizes: a3-a6

Multilayer Welding Seam Sizes: a8-a15

Line dimensions (12 m version): 26,1 m long  x 9,56 m wide  x 6 m high

Line dimensions (16 m version): 30,2 m long x 9,56 m wide x 6 m high

Line dimensions (18 m version): 32,2 m lang x 9,56 m wide x 6 m high

Profiles: 500 mm wide and 12/16/18 m long

Maximum Beam Weight: 6000 kg

Maximum add-part weight: 200 kg

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