SBW Terminator

Robotic Beam Welder for Steel Profile Structures

The Robotic Beam Welder for Steel Profile Structures is a welding robot with integrated profile turning devices.It has been designed for high volume.The SBW Terminator is very easy to handle. Just one worker only needs to select the width of the rotator and length of master profile. Simple like that.

The SBW can be upraded to an SBA 760 SR adding a scanner box, assembly robot and Add-On-Parts table.

Advantages of the SBW Terminator:

  • Efficient footprint suitable for small fabricators.
  • Employs one welding robot capable of performing fully finished welds up to a 15 mm (European Standard).
  • Integrated profil turning devices rotate the main profile as needed for welding on all sides of the material.
  • Main profile capacity of 760 mm with and 12/15/18M long.
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Type of Welding: MAG

Welding Wire: G3Si1; 1,2 mm solid wire

Single-layer Welding Seam Sizes: a3-a6

Multilayer Welding Seam Sizes: a8-a15

Overall Machine Length: 23600 mm (26700 mm) [29300 mm]

Overall Machine Width: 7350 mm

Overall Machine Height: 4700 mm

Material Processing: 4 sides

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