SIN Beam Machine

Fully automated assembling and welding of corrugated web beams

SIN Beams - the perfect option to reduce structural weight by maintaining same load bearing capacities.

The SIN Beam Machine is a fully automatic production line for corrugated web beams. It offers full working sequences, from roll-forming web-material from coils, slitting, cut-to-length, assembling and welding in one pass-through. The welding process is done automatically by either two or four welding robots. To assure the precise welding quality, the surface of the corrugated web will be additionally scanned by robots using laser sensors. By applying ZEMAN SIN beams instead of conventional beams (hot rolled, built-up), you save up to 30% material weight and therefore costs in your fabrication process, resulting higher production speed and better delivery time. The Advance Welding Control System (AWC) guarantees the constant quality of weld seams that are applied only on one side of the beam. One of the welding robots is equipped with a plasma-cutting device, which allows additional features such as beam slitting (for tapered beam production), cutting to required length, as well as processing rectangle and circular holes into the web plate. The SIN beam line can be used for the production of parallel and tapered beams up to a length of 16m and a width of max. 1500mm.

ZEMAN’s SIN beam technology offers the market a stronger, longer spanning beam with less weight, optimized material usage and highest load bearing capacity. This new technology would allow our client’s business to enter the structural market with a huge advantage and would allow you to be competitive and profitable against the local or imported structures, achieve higher margins, deliver huge engineering advantages, and have a unique product that will differ from competitors’ products.

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SIN beam technology at a glance:


  • Substantial weight savings in comparison to hot rolled sections due to the special shape of the web and its variable thickness from 1,5 – 3mm (upgrade to 6 mm possible)
  • Highest flexibility of the line and extensive variety of beams
  • Continuous quality in welding and assembling of beams
  • A wide range of beam-dimensions can be produced in the same production line

ZEMAN offers “system solutions” including provision of all related software tools, extensive engineering support and on-the-job training.


Profile width: 333 to 1500 mm

Primary material: steel coil for web, flat steel plates for flanges

Machine: fully automated corrugated web beam welding line

Profile length: 4000–16000mm (tapered: 4000–12.000 mm)

Web thickness: 1.5–3.0 mm steel (optionally 1.5 to 6.0 mm)

Welding speed: up to 1 m/min

Control system: PLC with operating panel

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