SIN Beam Machine

Fully automated assembling and welding of corrugated web beams

This technology excels with the following advantages: 

  • standard welded beams due to special shape of the web and its thickness
  • substantial weight savings in comparison to hot rolled sections
  • highest flexibility of the line and extensive variety of beam
  • continuous quality in welding and assembling of beams
  • the wide range of beam-dimensions can be produced in the same production line 

Zeman offers “system solution” including software, engineering support and training on the job. 

Fully automatic production line for corrugated web beams.

The equipment consists of decoiler, longitudinal splitter with roll-forming unit, flange intermediate-storage respectively flange feeder, assembly and welding station, as well as transversal beams conveyors. The welding process will be fully automatically executed by 2 welding robots. To ascertain the precise welding line the surface of the corrugation will be additionally scanned by the robots using laser sensors. 

Any deviations in welding line (caused by heat input) will be constantly rectified by the online Advance Welding Control system (AWC). It guaranties the constant quality of the weld seam, and in this way prevent any possible rejections. One of the welding robots is provided with a plasma-cutter. Thereby will be effected such functions as beam slitting (for tapered beam production), cutting to required length, as well as processing the holes in the web area. The line allows production of both – parallel and tapered beams:


Profile width: 333 to 1500 mm

Primary material: steel coil for web, flat steel plates for flanges

Machine: fully automated corrugated web beam welding line

Profile length: 4000–16000mm (tapered: 4000–12.000 mm)

Web thickness: 1.5–3.0 mm steel (optionally 1.5 to 6.0 mm)

Welding speed: up to 1 m/min

Control system: PLC with operating panel

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