SBA SR Compact

SBA SR Compact

Robotic Beam Assembler for Steel Profile Structures

Zeman machines are the world leaders in structural steel fabrication technology. Steel fabricators that own Zeman machines uphold an advantage in the steel industry and have the ability to optimize tonnage capacity. SR-Compact, is the absolute solution for steel beam assembly. This fabrication shop super charger has been designed specifically to speed up one of the most time consuming areas of the fabrication process.

Machine design

To start, the advanced machine and its incredible precise accuracy is only possible and ensured, as parts from the absolute world leaders in its fields as ABB in robotics, GÜDEL in tracks, FRONIUS in welding, etc. are combined, assembled and fine-tuned by ZEMAN, the world leader in robotic fitting and welding technologies for the structural steel industry.

The whole robotics system rests on a single rail design greatly reducing machine footprint. The compact design only occupies one fitter station. Seamlessly plug this robotic steel beam assembler into a fabrication shop and it’s ready to roll.

Most important is the design for operator safety. The hazards of fitters and welders having to continuously rotate material is eliminated. Safely monitor and process profiles from a distance and load and unload with a fork truck.

Machine functions

Far above the design of the SR-Compact lies the incredible functionality. This machine was made to process large amounts of steel accurately and efficiently. The torch mounted laser measurement allows the tacking and welding robot to identify the profile’s dimensions as well as the dimensions of existing tacked parts for perfect positioning.

The crux of the SR-Compact is in robotic tacking and welding of structural steel. This machine has the ability to place parts up to 440 lbs (200 kg) onto a profile as big as 30” (760 mm) wide, 16” (400 mm) tall and up to 60 ft (18 M) long. Tack and weld with single or multi-pass options up to .66” (a15).

The SR-Compact parts handling robot assists with scanning the parts placed on the table, then switching over to the magnetic attachment, the parts handling robot is able to place the parts on all 4 sides of the profile with unbelievable accuracy. In order to tack on the opposite side, the SR-Compact automatically rotates the material. Operating up to a maximum profile weight of 11,000 lbs (5000 kg), material is rotated with ease and results in an overall increased project speed. Seamless shop

The control on the SR-Compact is outfitted with Zeman’s ProFit software, the head and heart of the machine. This intuitive software makes robotic beam assembly simple and streamlined. ProFit breathe life into the machine and helps the operator throughout the entire process; from importing, creating to editing, produce a completed product every time. There is NO teaching or programming required for the machine / robots at all. The whole workflow is automatically generated by the software, which is compatible with all common 3D software’s as Tekla, SDS2, Bocad, etc. and the complete process
takes in an average only between 3 to 5 mins per beam.

Cost savings

The SR-Compact was designed to free up crane usage, help speed upstream cnc processes and tackle high volume beam, column and tube projects. Robotic welding for steel beams benefits the entire fabrication shop.

The fitting process speeds of the SR-Compact are is in an average 1.5 minutes per part with an accuracy of 1/24” (1 mm) over a 60 ft (18 M) profile. That momentum, paired with the simple loading and unloading process, fabrication shops will be able to free up manual fitters and welders to handle the more complex work. No more pulling tape. No more drawing chalk lines. Load the material and hit go.


The success of the steel industry is Zemans top priority. That is why our service and support is unmatched. Request a demo, quote, visit or call to learn more about the toughest steel fabrication machinery in the world. Zeman – Competence in Steel.


The SBA SR Compact is our entry-level model. SR stands for single rail. The SR compact has one handlilng robot and one welding robot on one rail. This SBA is an economic and very efficient solution for workshops with small footprints. 

Advantages of the SBA SR Compact:

  • Efficient footprint suitable for small fabricators
  • Employs one welding robot capable of performing both tack welds and full finish welds
  • Handling robot assists in turning of the add parts to ensure correct placement to the main profile
  • Intgrated profile turning devices rotate the main profile as needed for welding on all sides of the material
  • After assembly, the finished structure is ready for quality check and requires no further processing
  • Main profile capacity of 760 mm wide and 12/16/18 m long maximum add part weight of 200 kg

Standard features:

  • Laser scanning system
  • Handling robot
  • Welding robot
  • Integrated profile turning devices
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Type of Welding: MAG

Welding Wire: G3Si1

Welding Seams (European Standard)
Fillet welding single layer: a3-a6
Fillet welding multi layer: a8-a15

Line Dimensions:
Overall Machine Length
: 20900 mm (24830 mm) [26830 mm]
Overall Machine Width: 7700 mm
Overall Machine Height: 4700 mm

Devices: Main profile capacity of 760 mm wide and 12/15/18 m long

Maximum add-part weight: 200 kg

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