Zeman Bauelemente is a Member of the Zeman Group

Zeman Machinery is part of the Zeman Group of companies. The Group is active worldwide with more than 20 subsidiaries and over 600 employees. 

ZEMAN is the market leader in fully automatic robotic assembly and welding technologies. Our latest innovation, the Steel Beam Assembler (SBA), redefines the steel industry. Today, more than 50 robotic assembling and welding lines fabricated by ZEMAN operate all over the world. We help our clients save up to 50% of overall production time in the structural steel fabrication process. The result is increased capacity and reduced delivery time.

In the field of "Steel Construction" Zeman advices, designes, calculates, constructs, produces, delivers and erects anything from complex architectural steel structures to all-purpose industrial buildings.

Derivating from our innovative capabilities, Zeman`s mission statement reads as follows:

“Build on our experience; benefit from our know-how”


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