Combined rollforming and curving machine

Combined rollforming and curving machine for trapezoidal profiles, with a height up to 125 mm.

In this way a ready-for-assembly element can be manufactured in a single operation. Further more, the machine also allows customers to avoid an intermediate storage of curved elements through so called just-in-time production. 

A fully-automatic stacking unit for straight profiles is optionally available.


Technical Specifications

  • enables to produce straight as well as buckle-free curved elements in a single operation
  • through a sheet piling device the production of the curved profiles is very user-friendly
  • and without physical strain for the operator
  • the integrated punch automatically makes the required holes for the assembling during the manufacturing process
Machine Specs
Profile type
up to TR 125 (125 mm)
Profile length
up to 30.000 mm
Sheet thickness
0.6–1.5 mm steel
Primary material
steel coils, up to 1.200 mm wide, max. 12 t
Max. speed
0–30 m/min, infinitely adjustable
Control system
PLC with operating panel
Min. radius
4.000 mm respective sheet thickness