Fully automatic, computer operated rollforming machine for different open profiles (purlines), such as U-, C-, Z- and SIGMA of diverse widths and forms.

According to the requirements, coils with the width up to 750 mm and a sheet thickness 1.5 mm – 3.2 mm  (optional 4,0 mm)can be used as raw material. The width adjustment of the rolls for profiling of purlins with diverse widths proceeds infinitely, using just one profiling unit. The machine design implies the production of different profile forms by changing the cassettes with their different profiling units. Through the integrated flying punching machine required assembly holes can be made during the production process.

Multifunktional PURLIN MACHINE

Technical Specifications

Machine Specs
width adjustable rollforming machine for open profiles (purlins).
Profile type
Profile length
no limit
Profile width
140–420 mm
Sheet thickness
1.5–3.2 mm, option 4,0 mm
Primary material
steel coil, up to 750 mm wide, max. 10 t
Max. speed
0–30 m/min, infinitely adjustable
Control system
PLC with operating panel