Fully automatic, computer-operated road barrier system roll-forming line for different profiles and assembly elements.

The system fully covers the production of all road barrier elements (barrier beams, columns, distance profiles, clamps, etc. – total 7 profile types). It is created for production of one- and two-sided barriers with different distances and column profile lengths. 

The line consists of feed-in system, rollforming (cassette type), punching, notching and cutting units, few bending presses, and is operated by a control system (PLC).     

Rollformer for Road Barrier System

Technical Specifications

Machine Specs
Rollformer for Road Barrier System
Profile length
up to 6m(no limit)
Profile width
up to 320 mm
Sheet thickness
up to 5 mm (barrier beam up to 3mm, optionally up to 4mm)
Primary material
steel coil, up to 500 mm width, max5t
Max speed
0-15 m/min
Control system
PLC with operating panel