Complete rollforming machine for automatic production of mounting brackets, leveller- and clamp- profiles for siding element. 

The mounting brackets will be fully automatically manufactured by the integrated punching and notching machine in single operation and computer-operated cut to the required length. All necessary notches as well as holes required for the ventilation of the base will be made (punched) automatically. 

Assembling of the siding elements: initially the mounting brackets will be installed on any wall-base and aligned. Levelling profiles will be used to adjust the surface irregularities of the base. After that the siding elements will be fitted bracket by bracket by key-and-slot system at the mounting bars.

Rollforming machine for MOUNTING BRACKETS

Technical Specifications

Machine Specs
Rollforming machine for mounting brackets
Profile type
mounting brackets for siding elements
Profile length
up to 12.000 mm (no limit)
Sheet thickness
1.0 mm
Primary material
steel coil, up to 250 mm wide, max. 3 t
Max. speed
0–30 m/min, infinitely adjustable
Control system
PLC with operating panel