Complete rollforming machinee for automatic production of trapezoidal and similar profiles.

Further the profiles can be additionally formed by a roofing tile press to the roof tile profiles. The tile press as well as the cutting to length unit are flying-type. It allows the production of a complete order (task) once starting up the equipment. The components required for the functioning of the line (decoiler, run-out roller conveyor, hydraulic and operation systems) are integrated. Strip oilers and an automatic stacking unit can be optionally integrated in the machine.

Rollforming machine for TILE ROOF PROFILES

Technical Specifications

Machine Specs
Rollforming machine for tile roof profiles
Profile type
trapezoidal and similar profiles
Profile length
no limit
Sheet thickness
0.5–1.0 mm
Primary material
steel or aluminium coils up to 1.250 mm wide
Max. speed
0–30 m/min continuously variable
Control system
PLC with op. panel