Steel Plate Patroller

Move Parts with an Autonomous Delivery Bot Capable of Carrying up to 1000kg of Add Parts.

The Autonomous Forklift of the Future

Don’t let him fool you, this little guy is strong and smart too. Navigating your shop floor without need for human interaction, the standard SPP handles loads of 500kg and is upgradable to a 1000kg model. He brings the parts wherever you need them. He automatically charges himself and can be integrated into a wide variety of industry standard systems or simply used to decrease your need to move plates by hand, saving time and effort while improving shop safety.

Self-Charging, Self-Driving, Aware of it’s Surroundings

The SPP knows his way around the shop, and can navigate around moving objects, changing floorplans, people and other unexpected obstructions. He charges himself between tasks to be sure he’s always ready to go. Using a combination of Lidar and cameras, he always has an eye on his surroundings and can alert you to problems on your shop floor.