pro-FIT Masterclass gives you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and expand your possibilities!

The pro-FIT software, built for controlling the Zeman Steel Beam Assemblers is under constant development, so there are many new features and productivity improvements being released every year.

To ensure your pro-FIT skills reach the next level and you are up to date with our latest software, our Masterclass training includes time to address your specific questions. Just fill out the registration form and tell us what you would like to focus on!

We understand that your business keeps developing! That’s why we are more than happy to discuss any software changes or proposals you would like to have in the future.

  • 2-day online training, a total of 10 hours in class
  • 2 timeslots available for your convenience
  • Masterclass based on your needs
  • Limited seats make sure you get the attention you need
  • Digital & Printed Certificate

Next Scheduled Masterclass –
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Every Masterclass takes place over 2 days, taking a total of 10 hours.
There are two available timeslots on each class day for your convenience.

In the Masterclass we will cover:

  • Introduction, What is pro-FIT? Machine types and limits
  • Production Overview, Explanation of overview window in standard configuration
  • Import, how to get the files, different beam types, assembly parts and limits, do not import, zeropoint, welded beam import, beams with cut outs
  • Quick walkthrough with generate project data, production generate error resolving
  • Production generate window with statistics, red/orange/green
  • Grip positions with different areas, inactivate assembly parts
  • Magnet, generating, adjusting, beam measurement, turning station
  • Tacking, create tacking points, changing tack positions, edit length, measurement types
  • Welding, welding sizes, changing length, multilayer welds
  • Change assembling order in object explorer
  • Second assembly phase
  • Weld first, weld last
  • Zeropoint measurement/Endpoint measurement
  • Weld measure
  • Customer example beams
  • Production Settings
  • Object explorer production optimizations
  • ProFItData changes
    • Tack Line Lengths
    • Tack / Weld parameters
    • Weld machine parameters (based on the TPSi System)
  • Statistic Viewer
  • What’s coming next in the BIG 2021 RELEASE
  • Questions and software wishes